Where does the idea of a body dryer come from?

If you feel like you are never truly clean after reusing a towel, you need an alternative. There has to be a better, bacteria free way to dry off after the shower or pool which is where the tornado body dryer comes into play. This product is fully owned & operated by U.S. Military Veterans.

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Tornado body dryer offers a unique way to dry your body from head to toes after shower. You can install it inside the shower as its completely safe for inside use. You can also install it outside the shower if you wish. Installation is very easy. Just a simple bracket that you mount on any wall. Once its installed, you don’t need to go out of your cozy warm shower to dry your body.

Tornado full-body air dryer offers a spa like experience that is un-matchable. It has 186 air jets that will dry eveyr single inch of your body.


  1. Saves energy. Tornado consumes 70% less energy as compared to the energy being used to wash and dry towels.
  2. It can dry hard to reach areas that are otherwise impossible to dry with towels.
  3. Soft skin since no more towel rubbing is required to dry your body.
  4. No chances of falling as all you have to do is to stand.

Why Do You Need a Bathroom Shower Dryer?

A full body dryer is an ideal choice for disabled people. Drying body after shower is a challenging and painful task for people with limited mobility. An automatic shower body dryer system offers a seamless way to dry your body if you are handicapped.